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    Blood Bike North West are a voluntary group of local motorbike enthusiasts in Donegal aiming to provide a urgently needed support to the Health Service in the local area. We are now officially on call to the HSE.

    We will transport necessary medical items, such as Blood, Drugs, Human Tissue, Breast Milk and any other medical requirements that can be transported via motorbike between Hospitals, Clinics and Blood Transfusion Banks.

    7PM - 7AM

    Monday - Friday

    24 HOURS A DAY

    Saturday - Sunday


    What’s coming up for Blood Bike North West?

    Fundraising & Events are vital when it comes to keeping Blood Bike North West up and running. Keep up to speed with all the exciting Fundraising Events planned for the upcoming year & find out how YOU can get involved!


    Be a Sponsor for Blood Bike North West!

    Blood Bike North West is a completely self funded organisation that is completely dependent on the generosity of our Sponsors. Our Sponsors allow us to continue to our vital work within the community.


    Would you like to become a Blood Bike Volunteer?

    North West Blood Bike is always looking for new Volunteers to join our team. You can volunteer for Blood Bike whether you would like to be a Blood-Runner, Co-ordinator or a Fundraiser.

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